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Document Management

B.E.S.T. is ready to craft a customer-tailored document management plan for you. Whether your company employs two people or two thousand, we can create an easy-to-understand system that keeps your documents and profits flowing.

Among our many services, we feature a fully scalable, all-inclusive software package that lets you track your documents from start to finish.  The software is never outdated, is easy to use, and is Windows-based.  The system helps your company cut down on excess printing and wasted paper and frees up valuable office space.  The software tracks any document every step of the way.  Each letter, invoice, or memo is followed and accounted for from its creation and utilization to its eventual archiving or destruction. 

We understand how your company's sales process works.  We'll meet with your top-tier leaders and draft a document management blueprint designed to keep your operation running at peak capacity.  We want to get it right the first time.  That's why we encourage your top decision-makers to be involved—starting with the very first consultation.  We look at your history and use it to map out a strategy that takes your document cycle and sales philosophy into account.

Document Capture

B.E.S.T. knows how to streamline the process of gathering and identifying documents so you can get back to using the information instead of trying to organize it. Whether you’re looking to scan a document from your copier to your desktop or you’re automate the distribution of invoices to the proper department for approval before payment, B.E.S.T. can get the job done.

Document Storage

We are experts in document storage and reorganization.  B.E.S.T. will help you get those unwanted or seldom-accessed files out of your way. We tackle any size job, be it a warehouse filled with files or 10 or 20 boxes.  We can scan and organize your old invoices and receipts and condense them into electronic form.  Once we're done, you can access everything on your computer tower or flash drive.

Document Distribution

B.E.S.T. can help your company distribute your documents and information in the most efficient and effective way possible. Whether it’s as simple as scanning an invoice to a client or as complex as a full scale fax server solution, B.E.S.T. can handle the job. We offer a full line of faxes, printers, and scanners.  Once you have your machine, expert service and maintenance is always just a phone call away.


By streamlining the capture of your documents, effectively storing those documents for easy retrieval, and making document distribution more efficient, B.E.S.T. makes an impact on your bottom line and helps you cut down on paper waste. We offer a variety of green alternatives, such as recycled paper and energy-saving approved copiers and printers. We also are ready to show you how to help the environment by cutting down on paper use by going electronic.

Proudly serving the New York area, including New York City & Long Island, NY