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Office Furniture Space Planning - Let us come up with a design that’s right for you.


With decades of experience, Office Space Planning and Office Design is what we do best.

  • We use State-of-the-Art SPACE PLANNING SOFTWARE to create the most efficient plan to meet your needs.
  • We provide 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional Computerized Drawings (CAD) of your Office Layout to help you VISUALIZE what your space will look like.
  • Revisions are easy to do, we will work with you until we get it right.


To create a workable floor plan, we first must consider all of the variables and requirements. Here are just SOME of the factors we consider when formulating a Space Plan:

» Windows · Use of light and lighting · Location of electricity 
» Locations of any columns or radiators · Location and size of Copiers, Faxes, and Printers 
» Number of employees and how they work · Size requirements of each work area 
» Need for worker privacy · Need for employee interaction or teamwork · Filing needs 
» Location of bathrooms, hallways, main entrance, and exit doors.

Office Design


While Space Planning focuses on the proper layout, use of space and work flow, OFFICE DESIGN involves the execution of the Space Plan to CREATE

Office Finding The Right Style Black and White Office Chairs Choosing the Seating
The right style furniture can enhance
the image and atmosphere you want
to convey, whether it be contemporary,
ultra modern, or traditional.
The right seating will give you the 
functionality you need, while
complementing the overall style
and look of your space.
Office Color Scheme Coming Up with the Right Color Scheme Office 2 Bringing all the Elements Together
The use of color, and accents of color
on walls, carpet, furniture, seating– all 
can make your work environment more
aesthetically pleasing. We'll help you choose the right color scheme.
Furniture & Seating style and functionality and the right use of color throughout the office create the work environment you strive for.
The 10 steps to an office furniture plan

» Step 1. We listen to you and gather the information about all your requirements. Do some people need more space than others? How many copiers and printers do you have? Is your office paper intensive, with a lot of filing? We ask a lot of questions and make sure we understand your needs exactly.

» Step 2. We measure the space, taking into account every detail--the radiators, columns, location of electrical outlets, windows, light switches, doorways, etc.

» Step 3. Based on the above two steps, we develop a preliminary floor plan. We present it with detailed drawings and fully explain it to you.

» Step 4. Based on your feedback, we make changes and improvements to the preliminary plan. This is a process where we could possibly go through several revisions until you are satisfied with the plan and approve it.

» Step 5. Based on your budget requirements, time frame, and styles choices, we then help you select the furniture that best suits your needs, and come up with a detailed, itemized Proposal. The Proposal includes a deep discount off of the Manufacturer’s List price, any delivery and installation costs, as well as payment terms.

» Step 6. Once the proposal is approved, we then go to color selection, helping you to pick the color scheme for the furniture, chairs, and files, making sure that it coordinates well with your carpet and wall colors.

» Step 7. We order all of the furniture and monitor and track the orders until their arrival.

» Step 8. We organize and execute an Installation Plan that takes into account all of the variables. This plan actually begins to take shape early on, as we become familiar with your space and how you operate--sometimes this means doing the install on the weekend, at night, or in phases.

» Step 9. We deliver and install the product, executing the floor plan.

» Step 10. We review the entire job after it is installed, taking care of every detail. We address any damages or imperfections, or things that need to be corrected, and follow up until the job is fully completed. We make sure that you are completely satisfied.