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Protect Yourself, Your Business, and Your Customers

  • Protect vital company data as well as your customer's confidential information.
  • Reduce costs by consolidating and managing information that no longer is necessary to your organization.
  • Avoid penalties, fines, or legal action by maintaining compliance with federal, state, industry, and credit card regulations for information destruction.

Swingline Stack-and-Shred 750X Auto Feed Shredder

Just stack, shut, and you're done

  • 750-sheet capacity
  • Super cross-cut
  • Security Level P-4
  • Lockable paper chamber
  • Auto+ Jam / Interactive Jam Clearance
  • Continuous run time
  • 31-gallon bin size
  • 20+ people

Fellowes AutoMax 500C Auto Feed Shredder

A true walk-away shredding experience

  • 500-sheet capacity
  • Cross-cut
  • Security Level P-4
  • SmartLock
  • JamGuard System
  • Continuous run time
  • 20-gallon bin size
  • 3-5 users

Fellowes AutoMax 300C Cross-Cut Shredder

Walk-away shredding

  • 300-sheet capacity
  • Cross Cut
  • Security Level P-4
  • Smartlock
  • JamGuard System
  • 30 minutes on / 30 minutes off run time
  • 16-gallon bin size
  • 1 - 5 users

Swingline Stack-and-Shred 300X Auto Feed Shredder

Stack, shut, done

  • 300-sheet capacity
  • Super Cross Cut
  • Security Level P-4
  • Integrated lockable chamber
  • Intelligent AutoJam clearance
  • 30 minutes on / 30 minutes off run time
  • 11-gallon bin size
  • 5 - 10 users

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Choose the Right Shredder

When choosing a shredder, consider the following:

  • Number of people using the shredder
  • Number of sheets to be shredded
  • Confidentiality level of your data
  • Types of media to be destroyed (paper, CDs, credit cards, etc.)

Strip-Cut Shredders are ideal for personal and small office document disposal. They offer a faster shredding speed, lower maintenance, and are less expensive.
Cross-Cut Shredders are best for offices and departments where medium-security standards are in practice. They offer greater security and replace shredded bulk.
High-Security Shredders offer superior security and are government/NSA approved. They can shred sensitive documents into dust.